Saint Laurent Spring 2015 fashion show Ready to wear


Different designers are channeling the first' 70s' idealism this season; Hedi Slimane is into the dissipation. " deux, Un, trois, coucher avec toi," Al Eide sang about the soundtrack commissioned for your present, but don't let you are fooled by the German lyrics. We got the specific effect we were in Slimane's used hometown of L.A., holding backstage with glam-rock fan girls Lori Maddox inside their undesirable old not even legal days to the Sunset Strip.

Extras were the obvious move in the mid-'60s poptarts who decorated the Saint Laurent runway last season. In place of shiny Maryjanes and opaque stockings, platform shoes, dark hosiery, as well as the weird Donna Jordan turban or two. Slimane's planning to do for websites what he did for low-heel pumps several collections before. Detractors can claim the outfits appeared a lot of exactly like last year's. But have a closer look than the designs' rapid turns down the driveway permit, and distinctions appear. The Saint Laurent chick of spring is just a much more comfortable plus a bit more in deep love with color with prints—Hollywood Boulevard personalities, flowers that are lurid, and (poignantly) cherries. She is also got a new factor for showing her décolletage.

A white hair puffy that lined arm and just one single neck was a kick. If he'd sent it further where may that strategy took the developer? As actually, Slimane embraced the modern combination: A stripy Lurex sweater which could've been grabbed in the vintage container was joined using a leather mini embroidered with silver string of flower flowers, inside the form. In an indicator that there surely is no price roof for the new supporters of Saint Laurent, which wasnot the finish of the luxurious embroidery: Fireworks chosen on a black velvet cape appeared to be Lesage-level material.

For the reason that feeling, Slimane's worlds straddled : L.A. groupies in Paris couture. You know he gets down on that thought. He is not the only person. The energy was infectious today. "I had been getting an orgasm," we overheard a type-slash-author articulate on her solution the door.